Bamboo Hand Towels

Discover the Wonders of Bamboo Hand Towels!

Bamboo Hand Towels

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is renowned as one of the world’s most renewable and environmentally friendly plants. It is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world. Astonishingly it can grow up to a metre a day. Bamboo is a naturally renewable tree-like grass. An extremely efficient plant to cultivate, Bamboo does not need pesticides and herbicides to flourish and has minimal water needs.

Revolutionise your hygiene and health routine!

Bamboo hand towels from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies are not only incredibly soft and luxurious, but they also possess unique properties that make them ideal for maintaining hygiene and promoting good health.

Eco Friendly Bamboo fibres have natural antimicrobial properties, meaning they naturally resist the growth of bacteria, mildew and other microbes. This makes bamboo towels an excellent choice for reducing the risk of skin infections and allergies.

 Super AbsorbentBamboo Hand Towels from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Additionally, bamboo towels are highly absorbent outperforming traditional cotton towels. This means they can effectively wick away moisture from your hands, keeping them dry and fresh throughout the day. Using soft natural fibre Bamboo Hand Towels can, with soft gentle pats, efficiently dry your hands and face very quickly.

Super Hygienic

Say goodbye to unpleasant odours! Bamboo towels have excellent natural odour-resistance capabilities ensuring that they stay fresher for longer periods. No more worrying about that damp towel smell! Bamboo hand towels don’t contain any chemical compounds so worry free drying.

The Healthiest Choice in Hand Care

Suffering from allergies or sensitive to fabrics that are synthetic? Bamboo Fibre is a perfect alternative to consider. Bamboo Fibre Towels will absolutely provide you with a softer and superior drying experience and be kinder to your skin. Additionally, having a luxurious feel and being considerably lighter in weight than cotton, better qualifies bamboo fibre hand towels as a natural choice.

Treat Them Nice

Machine wash your Bamboo Fibre towels separately in warm water on the gentle cycle. We highly recommend Lemon Scented with Eucalyptus & Rosemary Koala Eco Natural Laundry Washing Liquid. This amazing Laundry Liquid combines two of nature’s best 100% natural antibacterial agents in one powerful, aromatic formula. The biodegradable and eco-friendly plant-based formula effortlessly delivers a thorough and effective wash. And importantly without the use of harsh chemicals! Koala Eco Natural Laundry Washing Liquid is totally safe for sensitive skin. It is Grey Water and Septic tank friendly too! Please don’t use bleach or fabric softeners in the washing process. Tumble dry on an extremely low heat if you need. Prolonged exposure to direct heat from the sun can damage bamboo fibres.

Make a change today

For all the reasons you should, consider a swap to Bamboo Natural Fibre. A completely natural fibre that takes minimal resource to grow and process. Support very worthwhile efforts towards sustainability which is great for the planet. Provide soft, comfortable and complete drying comfort for your hands and face. Like our lovely customers, we too enjoy all the benefits of using our Luxurious Bamboo Fibre Hand Towels. By choosing all natural fibre, eco-friendly bamboo hand towels, you’re not only making a truly beneficial change for your own benefit, but also contributing to a positive impact on the environment.

Spades Needle Cartridges

The New Gold Standard

From the world famous Dynamic Color brand, we are proud to stock Spades Needle Cartridges. Spades premium-grade cartridge needles are as Good as Gold!

Engineered Perfection

The secret is the absolute quality of the needles meeting professional tattooists’ standards! Thanks to the different sizes of liners there are no limits to the artist’s individual creative freedom. Spades Needle cartridges are solid and nice they’re smooth to work with. Attention to detail has been paramount with the manufacturing process. Attention to design and manufacturing detail and delivers a precise cartridge for unsurpassed results. Switch to the Spades ultimate premium range of ready t0 use disposable needle cartridges.

The design and manufacturing process

  • Extensive research and developmentSpades Needle Cartridges by Dynamic from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies
  • Robotic Laser-Guided Manufacturing
  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Medical Grade Plastic Components
  • Internal Membrane for Reducing Ink Spit Back
  • Compatible with all Cartridge Grips and Machines

Ease of use

Filling in the colours is as easy as applying it with these top-class needles. Either by dipping the running machine into a small pot of colour or by filling colour into the upper opening of the cartridge the choice is yours.  Spades needle cartridges use high quality medical grade 12 gauge needles with an extra extra long taper which acts the same as a 10 gauge regular taper.

Hygiene is paramount

Be super efficient in your work. It goes without saying that the single-use material can be quickly changed and allows for perfect, uncomplicated, and hygienic work!

Presentation is Paramount

Spades Premium Needle Cartridges by Dynamic Color are absolute show stoppers. From the beautifully designed packaging to the classy colour of the needle cartridges you will love using them and to have them displayed at your work station. Your clients will certainly be impressed. Absolute class from Dynamic Color.

Make the change today

We all know and love Dynamic Color for their focus on consistent quality across their entire tattoo ink and associated range of products. Founded in 1990, their longevity as quality suppliers to the tattoo industry is well documented.

Considerable research and development has been dedicated to the introduction of the new Spades Needle Cartridge range. This aligns with all that Dynamic Color offer to dedicated artists wanting the best results for their customers. Order your Spades Needle Cartridges today from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.


Navigating Difficult Times

Challenging Times?

We are navigating difficult times at the moment as business owners. The world has changed from the ‘Covid Experience’ we have all endured. Some sadly did not survive this devastating event and lost their businesses. The price was very high to include mental trauma and considerable distress.

The Current Situation

So where are we today? The price of everything is on the increase as we come to grips with the dreaded ‘inflation’ which puts all costs and subsequent spending completely out of whack. Of course there are mechanisms put in place to counteract this situation but these will take time to actually work. In the meantime there will undoubtedly be pain and disruption.

It Affects Us All

No one is immune to the world wide phenomenon of price increases. Holdfast Tattoo Supplies has taken some heavy increases not only in product cost but also the cost of International Freight. It seems every time we place an order, product prices have increased and added to that the freight costs are significant too.

The Exchange Rate

To add to the mix, every product imported into Australia is paid for in US Dollars. Given the volatility with the exchange rate over the past year, and how low the Australian Dollar has been against the USD this just adds another dimension to the whole game. Just say the exchange rate is .65 then to purchase 1 US Dollar will cost $1.53. It’s tough out there.

Product Availability

This is also compounded by the fact that many products are in short supply. We all have to be mindful of this fact. We totally understand that without the products you use every day then you simply have no way of keeping your business viable.

A Classic Example  Spirit Transfer Paper - Classic Thermal

Spirit Transfer Paper is a classic example. As an approved distributer we have to wait anywhere between 4 – 6 months for our orders. This of course has a compounding effect on our stock availability.

We’re Doing Our Best

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies has been extraordinarily resourceful and has a relationship with suppliers in the US who have shared their stock. This fact has meant that we have only been out of stock a few times but only for a week maximum. Unfortunately this is reflected in the current cost.


We hope this blog helps you understand from a suppliers situation.  We are all bound to the current economic climate we are all operating in. No one is immune to how we are effected.

Our Solution

Have a close look at your operating costs. Every business should be doing this as a priority. Break down the costs of doing a minimal tattoo and ask ‘is this worth it at this price – are we being adequately compensated’? For our part, we are doing our best to keep product in stock but being aware of all our costs to give the best service possible and remain viable. It’s a bit of a juggling act but that’s the game of being in business, longevity and being viable.

Its always wise to protect your cashflow.  Holdfast Tattoo Supplies offers Wizpay to all our valued customers.  Wizpay is a very user friendly payment platform where you can spread your payments.  Conditions do apply.

All the very best to our clients for 2023. We appreciate you all and are grateful for the continued trust you have in Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.

Team Holdfast

Eco Friendly Disposable Bed Covers

Eco Friendly Disposable Bed Covers

These amazing Eco Friendly Disposable bed covers are 100% plant-based and 100% plastic-free.

Presenting a full bed, eco friendly disposable bed cover that measures 760mm x 2050mm and designed to cover the average tattoo bed. For convenience, they come in a handy pack of 10 covers.

We should all be proactive and encouraged to use eco friendly biodegradable products where ever possible. Say goodbye to cling film and smile knowing you have made a difference. These environmentally friendly covers are very versatile and have been designed to replace the need for cling film. The covers are infinitely more comfortable for your client. The finished material is more pleasant to lay on compared to sweaty single-use plastics. An added benefit is the more efficient bed set up and break down. We all know that ‘time is money.’ Don’t underestimate the look and presentation the bed cover will convey to your client. The fact that you choose to use an eco friendly product over plastic will surely be appreciated by your clients.

Oh so user friendly

The covers have a natural very light static which will help cling to the bed surface. To enhance the natural static qualities of this material, it is recommended to lightly spray the area with water or even better, a sanitising product before applying the cover.  This simple task will help reduce, or even eliminate the need for additional products such as tape to hold it in place securely.

They really are Green

These Eco Friendly Disposable Bed covers feature a light green tint and their environmental certifications are printed on the material making it easy to distinguish from regular plastic products.Eco Friendly Bed Cover from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

  • No Chemicals used
  • Keep fossil-fuels in the ground
  • Plant-based– materials straight from nature and are certified as compostable
  • Sustainable– produced from annually renewable resources
  • As nature intended – no genetically modified contents are used to make our materials
  • Plastic-free packaging– all packaging is plant-based and certified compostable

The materials used come from nature and are designed to return to the Earth with no release of polluting substances. This deliberately creates a true closed-loop. The process of making these materials is truly inspired by nature.

Responsible end of use options

End-of-life options can certainly be very confusing. Its a fact that these eco friendly disposable bed covers from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies are always the better option than traditional plastics.

Starting with an eco friendly product does it matter where they end up after use? Using Eco Friendly Disposable Bed Covers gives a huge environmental advantage from the outset. It is vitally important to help keep fossil fuels in the ground. By using eco friendly biodegradable disposable bed covers, we can all contribute just by making a small change for the better. As a matter of fact, our bed covers are made from plants not oil.

The biggest problem with disposable products is the safe disposal. More eco-conscious methods of managing waste generated by tattooing need to be explored as the use and trend increases. It goes without saying that all contaminated waste must be disposed of safely and ethically according to health and safety regulations.

Naturally of course, knowing this we encourage all users at all times to be compliant with regulations and all safety aspects when disposing of single use products.


Environmental Certifications. Lets tick the boxesEco Friendly Full Bed Cover from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

  • EN13432 (Europe)
  • ASTM6400 (USA)
  • AS4736 (Australia)
  • Green PLA (Japan)
  • Compostable CIC
  • OK biodegradable SOIL
  • OK biodegradable MARINE
  • eLabel certification for environmental performance

Make a difference today

 The tattoo industry is a huge user of single use, disposable products in every day operation. Ease of use, commercial reality and convenience have driven these changes. Let there be a change to a multi-level, value driven and eco friendly mindset. Let’s present and promote a more eco friendly mind set to artists and clients alike. Be enlightened and change for the better health of the planet and environment by embracing the latest ‘green eco conscious’ manufacturing technology. Be determined to contribute by making an informed change for a better result.

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies genuinely encourages you to stock these environmentally friendly comfortable disposable bed covers for all the reasons and benefits you should.




Dr Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash

Dr Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash available from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies prefers to support ‘Made in Australia’ and natural products wherever possible. Supporting Australian businesses who care for the environment by utilizing powerful natural ingredients is a genuine plus for us.

The Product

An Aloe based soothing foam wash with Tattoo Artists in mind, Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash made by Dr Pickles is a premium product perfect as a staple studio product. With two key sanitizing purposes this Foam Wash is perfect for in studio use and for their clients to use post artwork. The antibacterial properties will help keep infection at bay as the artwork heals.


Interestingly, the active ingredients used to sanitize contact lenses is used with nutrients from raw coconut oil and organic aloe vera to make a very powerful antibacterial blend specifically for the Tattoo sector. Hemp oil is another key ingredient.  This perfect purifying foam is absolutely ideal for preparing skin for tattooing and for wiping excess ink and body fluids throughout the tattooing process.

The BenefitsDr Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash is the perfect partner throughout the Tattoo Process. Already packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients Aloe provides moisture and hydration to the skin.

  • Natural and Vegan Friendly
  • Natural Antiseptic and Antibacterial
  • Cruelty Free & Environmentally Friendly
  • Premium Natural Ingredients to include Hemp Oil
  • Promotes Fast Healthy Skin Repair and Reduces Redness
  • Designed for Tattooed Skin and Made in Australia.

Dr Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash is available from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.