Dr Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash available from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies prefers to support ‘Made in Australia’ and natural products wherever possible. Supporting Australian businesses who care for the environment by utilizing powerful natural ingredients is a genuine plus for us.

The Product

An Aloe based soothing foam wash with Tattoo Artists in mind, Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash made by Dr Pickles is a premium product perfect as a staple studio product. With two key sanitizing purposes this Foam Wash is perfect for in studio use and for their clients to use post artwork. The antibacterial properties will help keep infection at bay as the artwork heals.


Interestingly, the active ingredients used to sanitize contact lenses is used with nutrients from raw coconut oil and organic aloe vera to make a very powerful antibacterial blend specifically for the Tattoo sector. Hemp oil is another key ingredient.  This perfect purifying foam is absolutely ideal for preparing skin for tattooing and for wiping excess ink and body fluids throughout the tattooing process.

The BenefitsDr Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash is the perfect partner throughout the Tattoo Process. Already packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients Aloe provides moisture and hydration to the skin.

  • Natural and Vegan Friendly
  • Natural Antiseptic and Antibacterial
  • Cruelty Free & Environmentally Friendly
  • Premium Natural Ingredients to include Hemp Oil
  • Promotes Fast Healthy Skin Repair and Reduces Redness
  • Designed for Tattooed Skin and Made in Australia.

Dr Pickles Antibacterial Tattoo Foam Wash is available from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.


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Dr Pickles Sunscreen from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies wherever possible loves to support Australian made and even better if the product is all natural and environmentally friendly. Dr Pickles is a Queensland based manufacturer of quality products developed specifically for the Tattoo Industry. The Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion is the perfect partner to protect your skin and tattoo.

The ingredients

The formula is a specifically formulated broad spectrum tattoo sunscreen. It is rated with a UVA & UVB protection of SPF50. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for improved skin health and hydration. These wonderful natural ingredients are perfect for skin health and nourishment. Natural Tapioca starch is blended into the sunscreen to give a nice non greasy dry touch finish

Zinc Free

Particular attention has been paid to exclude a common ingredient in many ‘over the counter’ sunscreens. Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen formulation is zinc free. Zinc is known to cause fading so Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen will help enhance the colour in your tattoo.


The sun is your tattoos worst enemy. Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen has been formulated to not only do a great job of protecting your skin but also to protect your precious and expensive artwork. With a 4 hour water resistance you can have plenty of time in the sun at the pool or beach before reapplying.

All Dr Pickles products are cruelty free and made right here in Australia.

Buy now from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

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Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm Made in Australia

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies loves supporting quality natural products made right here in Australia. Dr Pickles range of products are made in our home state of Queensland. We wholeheartedly support ‘natural is best’ and ‘back to basics’ where possible with products that are applied to skin.

The Balm

Tattoo Balm from Dr Pickles is a revolutionary product combining the very best ingredients to produce a quality healing balm and is a soothing, hydrating and antiseptic cream widely accepted as a premium product worldwide by Tattoo Artists and their clients.

The ingredients

Fresh and fermented Paw Paw is used and combined with hydrating D – Panthenol which makes for an easy to apply moisture rich natural antiseptic balm. Coconut oil, rich in Vitamin C is an additional ingredient blended in to enrich the skin and help against infection. A very small amount of Beeswax is also blended into Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm for its natural anti-bacterial qualities.

All Natural

With no fillers, perfumes or petroleum jelly, you can be assured you are using a very natural trusted product with awesome healing qualities.

Key Features

  • Made in Australia
  • All Natural and Cruelty Free
  • Designed for Tattooed Skin
  • Paraben and Chemical Free using Natures best
  • Reduces Skin Dehydration and Scab Formation
  • Environmentally Friendly and not tested on Animals


Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm is an all natural product made right here in Australia. Along with other products in the range, you now have the perfect partner available to help heal that new tattoo. Formulated especially to promote healing and recovery of your new tattoo, you can also use Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm to highlight the vibrancy of healed artwork.

Available now from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.

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Bactine® Max is an effective,  specifically formulated, easy to use pain relieving and cleansing spray. This easy to use and remarkable product is designed to take the “ouch” out of cuts, scrapes and minor burns. It goes without saying, Bactine Max Spray is an extremely valuable product to have on hand at home, at your workplace and first aid kit when mobile.

This easy-to-use cleansing and pain relief spray has 4% Lidocaine as the pain reliever. This is the highest strength available over the counter for a first aid antiseptic.

Maximum germ killing IN SECONDS

Using Benzalkonium Chloride, a maximum strength antiseptic, Bactine Max Spray kills 99.9% of germs to include the following:Bactine Max Spray 5oz from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

  • Staph
  • MRSA
  • coli
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Acinetobacter species
  • Enterobacter species
  • Klebsiella p
  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Candida albicans

It is absolutely tested and proven that in addition to the numbing effect, Bactine® Max Spray helps prevent infections in minor cuts, scrapes and minor burns. Germs just do not stand a chance.


Using Bactine Max Pain and Cleansing Spray from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies is going to be a great decision. Your clients will really appreciate the tattoo process being more comfortable. As the tattoo develops, Bactine Max can be sprayed as an antiseptic. Simultaneously the added bonus of numbing the whole work area kicks in. Not only is this very considerate towards your client, but there is a very real and added financial bonus.

Bactine Max Pain Relieving and Cleansing Spray is very popular and widely used to treat pain and promote healing. Clearly this is very useful during the tattoo process. Bactine Max Spray can relieve a lot of the burning sensation, reduce redness, swelling, and also has a numbing effect. Some artists may also use this as part of their wash solution.

Use Bactine Max Pain and Cleansing Spray to help clients sit easier and longer to get the best return from your bookings each week.


Bactine Max is an extremely valuable product to have on hand at home and in the studio.  And equally as important, don’t forget to have  Bactine Max in your first aid kit while traveling.

Particularly for Tattoo Artists, using Bactine Max Pain Relieving and Cleansing Spray is an obvious choice because it has a proven track record of working really well and is ridiculously easy to use. The powerful antiseptic feature ensures you are being as safe and hygienic as possible in one spray action. Why would you massage numbing cream into an area you are going to tattoo?


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Buy Now Pay Later Service

Wizpay is a financial service provider. They offer a new Buy Now, Pay Later (‘BNPL’) service here in Australia. At this time it is only available to our Australian customers. Wizpay financial service allows you to purchase goods and services from Approved Wizpay Retailers. Wizpay lets you split the cost of your purchases into four easy and convenient fortnightly instalments. Customers benefit with improved cash flow.

To facilitate Purchases, Wizpay provides Transaction Processing Services to Approved Retailers in Australia to now include Holdfast Tattoo Supplies. We are delighted to have been approached and accepted by Wizpay

Cash Flow Is King

Wizpay now partners Holdfast Tattoo Supplies with a buy now and pay later interest free Shopping Limit for our customers. You can simply chose Wizpay at the check out. With a low monthly fee and one of the lowest late fees in the market, you can have more money in your pocket. Protect your cash flow with Wizpay. Our online process makes signing-up and shopping simple and effortless.

As an artist can you forward project your earning capacity? Based on current bookings and anticipated income, match the costs of supplies against the predicted income. From this consider using Wizpay to purchase enough product to cover your monthly product supply costs and spread the payments conserving your residual cash. This is a really great strategy to use.

Forward Thinking

As you demonstrate positive payment habits, Wizpay may invite you to apply for an increase your Shopping Limit. This is really simple with just a few quick steps via your Member’s Area. Managing cash flow is essential and is a very prudent business strategy. Being disciplined in the fiscal aspect of your business will pay dividends with improved cash flow and peace of mind.

New to Wizpay?

No problem let’s get signed up now. Just complete the easy online Wizpay application form and create your account. Like all professional financial institutions, Wizpay will complete some checks just to confirm your eligibility. Signing up with Wizpay does not affect your credit rating and there is no credit check under taken.

As responsible providers, Wizpay do consider various factors in the assessment process and are bound by Government legislation.

Quick and Easy

This Wizpay customer eligibility check process in 90% of cases, is automatically approved on application. In the small number of cases where additional information is required Wizpay will send a message to the applicant asking to get in touch. From this the application can usually be processed in minutes.

Good To Go

wizpayMake a purchase from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies and you now have the option of selecting Wizpay at check out. This is a really easy process to follow.

As you benefit from responsibly spreading your purchase costs through Wizpay, consider increasing your spending limit. Simply apply directly to Wizpay for an increase. Wizpay will conduct a credit check to better understand your situation for the best result. Checks are undertaken in accordance with Wizpays Privacy and Consent obligations.

Sign Up For WIZPAY Now



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