Dr Pickles Sunscreen

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Dr Pickles Sunscreen from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies wherever possible loves to support Australian made and even better if the product is all natural and environmentally friendly. Dr Pickles is a Queensland based manufacturer of quality products developed specifically for the Tattoo Industry. The Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion is the perfect partner to protect your skin and tattoo.

The ingredients

The formula is a specifically formulated broad spectrum tattoo sunscreen. It is rated with a UVA & UVB protection of SPF50. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for improved skin health and hydration. These wonderful natural ingredients are perfect for skin health and nourishment. Natural Tapioca starch is blended into the sunscreen to give a nice non greasy dry touch finish

Zinc Free

Particular attention has been paid to exclude a common ingredient in many ‘over the counter’ sunscreens. Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen formulation is zinc free. Zinc is known to cause fading so Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen will help enhance the colour in your tattoo.


The sun is your tattoos worst enemy. Dr Pickles SPF 50 Dry Touch Sunscreen has been formulated to not only do a great job of protecting your skin but also to protect your precious and expensive artwork. With a 4 hour water resistance you can have plenty of time in the sun at the pool or beach before reapplying.

All Dr Pickles products are cruelty free and made right here in Australia.

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