High Quality Tattoo Needles by Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

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Holdfast Tattoo Supplies needles manufactured to exact standards

Tattoo needles vary so much with the quality of product used, or not, and the construction and configuration of each individual piece. The final process in production is quality control. While this is a costly exercise, it is nevertheless vital to eliminate product that doesn’t come up to exacting standards.

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies tattoo needles are manufactured to exact standards. With specific design features to include desirable weld/solder points and predetermined measurements all contributing to maximum efficiency and ink flow. Each style of needle is manufactured to give consistently high performance for our clients.

The manufacturing process is undertaken in a vacuum sealed lab style premises with hygiene as a high priority. All finished product is visually and electronically checked with strict guidelines to ensure that the highest standards are met. Each needle set is sterilised by E.O. Gas as an industry standard.

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies only stock quality tattoo needles.

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