After Care

Derma Guard Medi is a transparent, water proof but breathable artificial skin film incorporating a medical grade adhesive to protect tattoos and wounds against mechanical friction and possible infection.

A modern approach to the healing process providing a protective layerto lock in the body’s natural healing fluids. In convenient 20cm x 10m roll form, you can cut to size for economic use.

Medical PE tape, a clear, plastic, waterproof, transparent, hypoallergenic, breathable tape.

Spirit SkinLock a medical grade, vegan friendly hydrogel tattoo sealant. Instantly locks in your ink and protects the integrity of your fresh tattoo. Forms a clean, flexible, anti-microbial barrier which absorbs excess fluid while protecting the fresh tattoo.

Ideal for areas such as elbows and hands which can be difficult to dress with traditional bandages.Spirit SkinLock Box comes with 1 x 30ml spray bottle Hydrogel Sealant plus 24 x 5gm single use pkts Hydrogel.

Bactine Max Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray 5 FL OZ. First Aid pain reliever and antiseptic, kills 99% of germs. Max strength pain reliever to assist the tattooing process.

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