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Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink



The original Dynamic Black is your all-purpose ‘go to black’ known and used by artists worldwide.

Dynamic Color Black is famous world-wide for its consistency and quality. Most noteworthy is the absolute fact that it is a premium grade product producing outstanding results.

The most reliable ‘go to’ Black Tattoo Ink in the world just got blacker!

DYNAMIC TRIPLE BLACK will astound you. With the same ingredients as the original black, but with a much higher pre-dispersed pigment loading. As a result Triple Black redefines the colour black and is in a world of its own.

Triple Black is best suited and used for tribal styles, colour packing, reworking and shading especially where a deeper more intense finish is required. Blend to create your desired wash effect.  Triple Black has been designed to create an even blacker, bolder look on the skin

Dynamic Color Triple Black Tattoo Ink will accentuate and perfectly contrast design and form. Dynamic Color is deservedly an artist trusted world-wide brand with Triple Black confirming its rightful place in any artists colour range of choice.

The Manufacturing Process

Dynamic Color has been manufacturing trusted premium quality Tattoo Inks since 1990. Over the years they have gained an enviable reputation for consistency using pre-dispersed pigments as a unique point of difference. The same manufacturing processes apply to the renowned Triple Black making this colour an undeniable and outstanding choice.

Pre-dispersed Pigments

‘Pre-dispersed’ describes the process where the powdered pigments are broken up much more finely than typically found in a standard pigment based ink.

Dynamic Color have perfected this process to consistently achieve all the benefits their high quality inks are famous for. Triple Black is no exception.

It is well known and proven that Dynamic Color Inks flow more freely and smoothly in the tattooing process achieving a far superior result. Colours remain extremely vibrant after healing and apply well to dark skin tones.

Artists quickly appreciate the high quality, consistency, colour durability, value and ease of use. As a consequence customers will fall in love with a less traumatic process and the amazing long lasting results.

Like the entire range from Dynamic Color, Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink will heal true and vibrant to stand the test of time.


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The best black in the business but most importantly supported with ‘magical colours‘.

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies strive to supply the best quality products available to our customers knowing that as artists and perfectionists they will always want the best results possible.


From the outset we wanted to be suppliers of high quality products to the tattoo industry. Consequently, Dynamic Color Tattoo Ink is one of our key products because we know it is the best on the market.


As authorised and endorsed agents for Dynamic Color Tattoo Ink, we have enormous pride and a responsibility to sell only authentic product supplied directly from the manufacturer.

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies, as endorsed distributors, offer a guarantee that where we represent significant famous brands such as Dynamic Color, they are all genuinely sourced factory products.

dynamic-ink-8oz-black-white-heavy-whiteThe majority of Tattoo Artists consistently use and know the value of Dynamic Black, the ‘best Black in the business’.

It is the ‘go to’ black known for its consistency and quality. Most noteworthy is the absolute fact that it is a premium grade product producing outstanding results. This is followed too by Dynamic White and Heavy White both known for their pure colouration and quality.

DYNAMIC COLOR – colours that are simply MAGICAL

Now is the time to promote and make artists aware of the extensive range of Dynamic coloured inks available from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.

Best described as ‘magical’, the range is mind boggling and covers all the combos you could think of. There are ultra–vibrant and bold shades that are very exciting to use.

All these variations will excite and spark the imagination of any artist.  Holdfast Tattoo Supplies stock the full range. With 28 to choose from you will want them all.

The choice of reds is extensive and hard to beat. With blues to die for and a ‘violet’ that is absolutely outstanding ranging into greens of every shade. With bubblegum pink and lavender, browns, oranges and yellows that are really exciting, you will have all bases covered.


Our 1oz bottles are a really cost effective solution to getting a great range of absolute top quality tattoo inks. They are ready to use and create awesome effects for your clients. Once you have used the range of  Dynamic Color tattoo inks, you wont want to change. Ease of use and the subsequent results will see clients returning again and again.


The manufacturing process for all of the Dynamic Color colourful range is as exacting as it is for the better known black and white ranges. Using ‘pre dispersed’ pigments for the entire Dynamic Dynamic brand of tattoo inks ensures a smoother flow and amazing consistency.

As an artist you will quickly appreciate the ease of use. As a consequence your customers will fall in love with the less traumatic process and the amazing long lasting results.


To further explain ‘pre dispersed’ this is a process where the powdered pigments are broken up much more finely than they typically would be in a pigment based ink.

Dynamic Color have perfected this process to achieve all the benefits their high quality inks are famous for. From this, as stated the ink flows more freely and smoothly achieving a far superior result.


Most importantly, Dynamic Color is a trusted brand with a valued reputation producing quality tattoo inks from the USA since 1990.


At all times you can have faith in the entire Dynamic Color range of Tattoo Inks. Why not give the full colour range a go and add to your next order? You will be really pleased with the results and they will flow as nice as the Dynamic Black you are probably using right now.

Once again, we guarantee that any Dynamic brand tattoo ink you purchase from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies is authentic because it is the genuine product. Above all it is not some cheap copy made by unscrupulous back yard manufacturers.

Very simply we value our own business longevity and customers too highly to promote and offer ‘knock off’ inferior product.


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Dynamic Black Ink – the best Black

Dynamic Black Ink – the best Black in the Business

There is a real partnership between any tattoo artist and their client.

The client is absolutely reliant on the artists ability to interpret specific ideas, designs and concepts. They are also reliant on a technically skilled application of the final artwork onto skin. Without a doubt the choice of ink brands is also vital to complete this very visual and meaningful process. So, today lets talk about Dynamic Black Ink.

Ink is Ink………….right?

Other than a great artist who will relay the clients concept,  you also need the best quality ink for the aesthetic effects the client desires.

As approved, and manufacturer endorsed suppliers of Dynamic Ink, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies want to provide you with the highest quality genuinely sourced ink so that you can rely on your reputation for excellence.

Why Choose Dynamic Ink?

Dynamic black ink from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies is the best choice for you because:Dynamic Black Ink 8oz

  • Produced by a trusted and reputable brand in the USA. since 1990.
  • Dynamic Black is a premium grade ink.
  • Pre dispersed pigments. This style of product enables the ink to flow smoothly and consistently in the tattooing process and causes much less trauma for best long lasting results.
  • Long-lasting color. Dynamic Black ink offers consistent performance due to the pre-dispersed ink pigments.
  • Deservedly Dynamic Black is well known as ‘the best black in the business’
  • Dynamic Black rightly enjoys one of the best reputations in the business.
  • Cost effective.  Holdfast Tattoo Supplies strives to be competitive without sacrificing quality. We offer Freight at cost.

The Rise of Fake Dynamic Black Ink

One of the main challenges we all face is the alarming prevalence of fake and copied product. Unscrupulous back yard manufacturers and re sellers unfairly trade on the reputation of great brands.

Unfortunately, fake Dynamic ink is prevalent in the market particularly the ever popular black. We have had plenty of positive comment back to us that the difference in what we supply is quite remarkable.

Our Guarantee to you

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies proudly represents the world renowned Dynamic Color brand and give an unconditional guarantee that you will receive the genuine product for the best results possible because we want to protect our reputation too. And, as artists we know you will benefit and appreciate this.

Play it safe and purchase authentic Dynamic Black in both 1oz and 8oz directly from www.holdfasttattoosupplies.com.au


Tattoo artists rightly demand products that deliver consistent high quality to complete the tattooing process.

Because you need an ink that consistently performs to expectation, is dependable and reliable in all its characteristics, then Dynamic Black must the logical choice for you.

Check out www.holdfasttattoosupplies.com.au now for  Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink ‘the best black in the business – and magical colours’

For more quality products go to https://holdfasttattoosupplies.com.au/


Ink Caps

The Highest Quality Tattoo Supplies In The Greater Pacific

Hold Fast Tattoo Supplies Ink CapsInk Caps

Our clear wide base ink caps are the very best design on the market today. Available in 4 sizes, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies ink caps are a fast selling consumable.  Constructed with a  wide base means they will remain stable, safe and immovable. Ink caps are an underrated component to the quality tattoo artist package but are undeniably very important. The right ink cap will ensure that your ink will never spill.

The Mission

No tattoo artist can perform efficiently without a range of high-quality tools and supplies at their disposal. At Holdfast Tattoo Supplies, we aim to streamline the tattoo supply process by making the best products available up front with a seamless ordering process and for a fair  price.

Never before has there been an efficient way for artists to get anything and everything tattoo related from a one-stop shop that’s easy to navigate and quick to deliver. You will know from the outset if the product is in stock. From stock to store, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies will keep you informed and take care of your order throughout the entire process.

The Stock

Our carefully selected stock is available for direct delivery to tattoo artists in Australia and the Greater Pacific region. When it comes to quality, consistency and efficiency you can rely on Holdfast Tattoo Supplies. We want to help you elevate your work and your potential by giving you the best of the very best.

The Guarantee

From preparation, to application, to aftercare, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies will provide the best in quality and efficiency. Easy online ordering, fast efficient order processing and communication will give you comfort that your next order is on its way.

Our supplies are chosen to enhance your artistry and boost your skill. Artists with the right tools and resources are the most successful in their field, and that’s exactly where we want you to be. Browse our huge selection of quality supplies and tools today, and take your tattoo business to the next level with Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.

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Quality Dynamic Inks by Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies understand quality matters

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies are an approved distributor of Dynamic Ink, dynamic tattoo ink colourssupplying Dynamic Black, White and an extensive range of Dynamic Colours.  Dynamic’s vibrant colours are made from pre-dispersed pigments giving them a translucent appearance with a smooth consistency.  This makes the ink easier to work in the skin whilst always healing solid and bright.

Dynamic Ink has been proven to be an industry favourite with tried and true Black and White pigments and now a colour range to match.