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Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink



The original Dynamic Black is your all-purpose ‘go to black’ known and used by artists worldwide.

Dynamic Color Black is famous world-wide for its consistency and quality. Most noteworthy is the absolute fact that it is a premium grade product producing outstanding results.

The most reliable ‘go to’ Black Tattoo Ink in the world just got blacker!

DYNAMIC TRIPLE BLACK will astound you. With the same ingredients as the original black, but with a much higher pre-dispersed pigment loading. As a result Triple Black redefines the colour black and is in a world of its own.

Triple Black is best suited and used for tribal styles, colour packing, reworking and shading especially where a deeper more intense finish is required. Blend to create your desired wash effect.  Triple Black has been designed to create an even blacker, bolder look on the skin

Dynamic Color Triple Black Tattoo Ink will accentuate and perfectly contrast design and form. Dynamic Color is deservedly an artist trusted world-wide brand with Triple Black confirming its rightful place in any artists colour range of choice.

The Manufacturing Process

Dynamic Color has been manufacturing trusted premium quality Tattoo Inks since 1990. Over the years they have gained an enviable reputation for consistency using pre-dispersed pigments as a unique point of difference. The same manufacturing processes apply to the renowned Triple Black making this colour an undeniable and outstanding choice.

Pre-dispersed Pigments

‘Pre-dispersed’ describes the process where the powdered pigments are broken up much more finely than typically found in a standard pigment based ink.

Dynamic Color have perfected this process to consistently achieve all the benefits their high quality inks are famous for. Triple Black is no exception.

It is well known and proven that Dynamic Color Inks flow more freely and smoothly in the tattooing process achieving a far superior result. Colours remain extremely vibrant after healing and apply well to dark skin tones.

Artists quickly appreciate the high quality, consistency, colour durability, value and ease of use. As a consequence customers will fall in love with a less traumatic process and the amazing long lasting results.

Like the entire range from Dynamic Color, Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink will heal true and vibrant to stand the test of time.


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