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Bamboo Hand Towels

Discover the Wonders of Bamboo Hand Towels!

Bamboo Hand Towels

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is renowned as one of the world’s most renewable and environmentally friendly plants. It is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world. Astonishingly it can grow up to a metre a day. Bamboo is a naturally renewable tree-like grass. An extremely efficient plant to cultivate, Bamboo does not need pesticides and herbicides to flourish and has minimal water needs.

Revolutionise your hygiene and health routine!

Bamboo hand towels from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies are not only incredibly soft and luxurious, but they also possess unique properties that make them ideal for maintaining hygiene and promoting good health.

Eco Friendly Bamboo fibres have natural antimicrobial properties, meaning they naturally resist the growth of bacteria, mildew and other microbes. This makes bamboo towels an excellent choice for reducing the risk of skin infections and allergies.

 Super AbsorbentBamboo Hand Towels from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Additionally, bamboo towels are highly absorbent outperforming traditional cotton towels. This means they can effectively wick away moisture from your hands, keeping them dry and fresh throughout the day. Using soft natural fibre Bamboo Hand Towels can, with soft gentle pats, efficiently dry your hands and face very quickly.

Super Hygienic

Say goodbye to unpleasant odours! Bamboo towels have excellent natural odour-resistance capabilities ensuring that they stay fresher for longer periods. No more worrying about that damp towel smell! Bamboo hand towels don’t contain any chemical compounds so worry free drying.

The Healthiest Choice in Hand Care

Suffering from allergies or sensitive to fabrics that are synthetic? Bamboo Fibre is a perfect alternative to consider. Bamboo Fibre Towels will absolutely provide you with a softer and superior drying experience and be kinder to your skin. Additionally, having a luxurious feel and being considerably lighter in weight than cotton, better qualifies bamboo fibre hand towels as a natural choice.

Treat Them Nice

Machine wash your Bamboo Fibre towels separately in warm water on the gentle cycle. We highly recommend Lemon Scented with Eucalyptus & Rosemary Koala Eco Natural Laundry Washing Liquid. This amazing Laundry Liquid combines two of nature’s best 100% natural antibacterial agents in one powerful, aromatic formula. The biodegradable and eco-friendly plant-based formula effortlessly delivers a thorough and effective wash. And importantly without the use of harsh chemicals! Koala Eco Natural Laundry Washing Liquid is totally safe for sensitive skin. It is Grey Water and Septic tank friendly too! Please don’t use bleach or fabric softeners in the washing process. Tumble dry on an extremely low heat if you need. Prolonged exposure to direct heat from the sun can damage bamboo fibres.

Make a change today

For all the reasons you should, consider a swap to Bamboo Natural Fibre. A completely natural fibre that takes minimal resource to grow and process. Support very worthwhile efforts towards sustainability which is great for the planet. Provide soft, comfortable and complete drying comfort for your hands and face. Like our lovely customers, we too enjoy all the benefits of using our Luxurious Bamboo Fibre Hand Towels. By choosing all natural fibre, eco-friendly bamboo hand towels, you’re not only making a truly beneficial change for your own benefit, but also contributing to a positive impact on the environment.



Where ever possible we should support Australian made products and businesses.

Koala Eco Hand Wash and Koala Eco Hand Sanitiser are the prefect partners for studio and home use.  On a practical and conscious level, it’s an easy and convenient swap to Koala Eco just by adding to your current Holdfast Tattoo Supplies order.

Consider the advantages of buying Australian Made where the manufacturer has the environment and your health at heart with these quality eco friendly products across the entire range.

All Natural

Koala Eco Hand Wash and Sanitiser from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Environmentally friendly, chemical free

All products are completely safe to use around all humans including babies and even pets. Consequently, you can have total confidence using the entire range of premium Eco Friendly products. Cleaning your studio, office and home will undoubtedly give you a sense of well being and accomplishment. All Koala Eco products have the distinct and beautiful scents of Pure Australian Essential Oils.

Quality Made 

The manufacturing process for the entire Koala Eco range is exacting. As you would expect all ingredients are thoroughly researched and tested.  Safe quantities are precisely measured and blended.  Ethically sourced native Australian Essential Oils are staple ingredients throughout the entire range.

It is important to know that all products are certified cruelty-free, allergy safe, and non-toxic. The naturopathic benefits of breathing in essential oils are better than the alternative of inhaling synthetic fragrance. So it is vitally important that there are no artificial perfumes introduced.

Product purity

There are many “Eco products” on the market that reference the use of essential oils. There is strong evidence that many of these oils have been diluted with synthetic fragrance. Koala Eco only use Pure Australian Essential Oils  These are 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly plant derived ingredients.

The entire Koala Eco product range is free from all petrochemical solvents. These can cause respiratory distress and skin problems. From this all formulas have been thoroughly tested and are classified as ‘non irritants.’

Back in time

Going back to nature. Many of the essential oils used throughout the range have been part of the Aboriginal pharmacopoeia for thousands of years.

We should all be passionate about healthy, environmentally friendly products. With this defined sentiment, qualified professional pharmaceutical and naturopathic experts were engaged. They investigated Australia’s abundant, potent and distinctive flora. From this research Koala Eco have harnessed the full force of nature to clean as effectively as any chemical competitor

Koala Eco products are lab tested to kill 99.9% of germs.

Vitally important for us and our customers, is the fact that the Koala Eco product range is fully certified. The entire range is cruelty free, allergy safe, non-toxic and Australian made. Because these facts are relevant, we love the idea of supporting 100% Australian made. It gladdens our hearts as it does our happy customers.

We promote and encourage all to ‘reuse, recycle and re purpose’ where ever possible. Using nature wisely to its best advantage, and sourcing from an abundance of natural resources for better health outcomes is our highest priority.

From this, an added advantage is that our customers can advertise that they use 100% natural, no chemical ingredients and Australian made cleaning and sanitising products. Quality Eco Friendly Products For Healthy Outcomes.

To complete the circle, it is very exciting that all product containers have now been changed to 100% post-consumer recycled and still recyclable bottles. As a result, no new plastic is created with our products! Be smart and top up your pump bottles with the 1 litre refills.

Pure Ingredients 

You are going to love using the entire Koala Eco product range. Studio, home and office areas can be cleaned and sanitised effectively. Furthermore, being Australian Made helping keep business alive and thriving supporting our economy is an essential bonus. Deliberately incorporating the finest quality all natural ingredients, to include Quality Australian Essential Oils is uniquely Australian.

Now incorporating recycled packing is a huge plus.  A 1% contribution is donated from every purchase to assist in worldwide conservation is a bonus.

There is absolutely no reason in the whole wide world that you would not be using the entire range of Koala Eco Products in your home, studio or any work place.

Koala Eco Made In Australia For Quality Eco Friendly Products For Healthy Outcomes

For more quality products go to https://holdfasttattoosupplies.com.au/