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Ink Caps

The Highest Quality Tattoo Supplies In The Greater Pacific

Hold Fast Tattoo Supplies Ink CapsInk Caps

Our clear wide base ink caps are the very best design on the market today. Available in 4 sizes, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies ink caps are a fast selling consumable.  Constructed with a  wide base means they will remain stable, safe and immovable. Ink caps are an underrated component to the quality tattoo artist package but are undeniably very important. The right ink cap will ensure that your ink will never spill.

The Mission

No tattoo artist can perform efficiently without a range of high-quality tools and supplies at their disposal. At Holdfast Tattoo Supplies, we aim to streamline the tattoo supply process by making the best products available up front with a seamless ordering process and for a fair  price.

Never before has there been an efficient way for artists to get anything and everything tattoo related from a one-stop shop that’s easy to navigate and quick to deliver. You will know from the outset if the product is in stock. From stock to store, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies will keep you informed and take care of your order throughout the entire process.

The Stock

Our carefully selected stock is available for direct delivery to tattoo artists in Australia and the Greater Pacific region. When it comes to quality, consistency and efficiency you can rely on Holdfast Tattoo Supplies. We want to help you elevate your work and your potential by giving you the best of the very best.

The Guarantee

From preparation, to application, to aftercare, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies will provide the best in quality and efficiency. Easy online ordering, fast efficient order processing and communication will give you comfort that your next order is on its way.

Our supplies are chosen to enhance your artistry and boost your skill. Artists with the right tools and resources are the most successful in their field, and that’s exactly where we want you to be. Browse our huge selection of quality supplies and tools today, and take your tattoo business to the next level with Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.

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