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Bluey and Pinky Disposable Protector Pads

Cost effective Bluey and Pinky Protector Pads from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Bluey and Pinky disposable protector pads are highly absorbent, hygienic and waterproof.  Designed to protect surfaces, especially treatment tables, from liquid contamination.  This adds a quality visual layer of security to maintain a secure clean environment and comfort. Both colours are constructed from high quality material and are 5 ply construction.

The moisture proof backing ensures any spillage is contained and easily controlled. The soft cover of padded fabric is designed to be silent and minimise movement when in use thus offering total comfort while maintaining sheet strength.

Bluey and Pinky disposable protector pads from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies are sold in packs of 50 sheets each measuring 45cm x 60cm. They are folded for hygiene and easy bench storage and are a cost effective professional solution to demonstrate care and consideration to your client.  Bluey and Pinky protector pads also make excellent baby change mats.

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