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Hammer Black Nitrile Gloves

Not all gloves are created equal!

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies recommends and sells Hammer Black Nitrile Gloves. There are well documented facts to support the use of Nitrile gloves.

Compared to Latex styles, Nitrile Powder Free gloves are made of synthetic rubber. This makes them the best alternative when latex allergies are a concern. By definition, Nitrile gloves are stronger and are a higher quality glove compared to those made from latex.

By definition, Nitrile gloves are classed as ‘Medical Grade‘ for the following reasons:Hammer black nitrile gloves powder free

  • Superior puncture resistance. With a tested typical failure rate of less than 3%, Nitrile gloves are clearly much stronger and more durable than latex gloves.
  • Nitrile is a less permeable material. This feature drastically lowers the chance of cross contamination and absorption from bacteria, pathogens and other potentially harmful elements. Better chemical resistance gives the wearer advanced protection and peace of mind.

The largest body organ is ‘skin’ which is very porous.

Taking this fact as a high consideration, plasticizers are not used in the manufacturing process of Nitrile gloves. Plasticizers are known for their toxicity and should be avoided at all costs. This also gives the wearer the best protection against the absorption of unwanted nasties that could be detrimental to good health.

Through product composition and design, Hammer Black Nitrile gloves are form fitting and highly elastic. This allows for better productivity with maximum comfort resulting in less fatigue. The added benefit, as stated previously, is much improved strength and durability.  Guarding against accidental puncture compared to latex gloves, Nitrile gloves should be your first choice.

We should always be knowledgeable about products we use and the relationship they have because of the effect on our health and safety. Holdfast Tattoo Supplies recommends the use of Hammer Brand Powder Free Nitrile Examination gloves to ensure our customers have the best protection for themselves and their customers.

Hammer Powder Free Gloves from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies offer fingertip textured, powder free, ambidextrous quality Nitrile Gloves that are safe and affordable for daily use.

They are available by the box, or in carton lots ranging in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. Holdfast Tattoo Supplies offer very attractive courier rates and these freight rates are very favourable for cartons of Nitrile gloves.

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