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Disposable Inkflow Tubes

Disposable inkflow tubes available from Hold Fast Tattoo Supplies

Nothing would probably disappoint you as a tattoo artist than delayed stock, over-priced shipping or difficulties in finding a trustworthy supplier. But not anymore! It is time to roll up your sleeves and make your job super professional.

Tattoo artists use different equipment and products to meet their tattoo needs. Therefore, our mission is to supply you with quality tattoo supplies at very competitive prices. We are dedicated to offering you tattoo supplies that can ensure better results for the benefit of you as well as your clients. A combination of great product and excellent service can meet your tattoo needs and give you the best reputation. Moreover, it will put your artwork on display for more clients.

We are Hold Fast Tattoo Supplies, a business which is owned and operated by tattoo professionals. We, therefore, have exactly what you need for your tattoo business. With a broad range of great tattoo supplies including disposable inkflow tubes, tattoo needles and cartridges, Dynamic ink and much more. So, the advantage is yours!

Over the past couple of years, we have built an unrivaled reputation in supplying tattoo supplies to professional tattoo artists without delays. We aim at maintaining the integrity within the Australian tattoo industry, and are certain you do too!

Inkflow Disposable Tubes

Like we said earlier, our goal is to provide artists with quality product that can fulfill their tattoo needs. We are devoted to offering the best inkflow tubes made from transparent plastic to help artists view colours and needles clearly. They are engineered with a thin profile tip to reduce the distance between skin and the needle which is crucial when doing tattooing. The tip edges are tidy and precise for best inkflow. The inkflow disposable tubes are blister packed and sterilized by E.O. gas.

Ergonomic silicone grip

The silicone grips are perfectly moulded for professional tattoo use. The design and quality of our grips is superior therefore reducing hand fatigue. They are made silky smooth to allow hand relaxation.

Perfect Ergonomic silicone grips are moulded directly onto the tubes to solve slipping problems that may occur during tattooing. They are large, soft and extremely effective at easing hand cramps and stiffness.

And of course we understand that competitively priced tattoo supplies, which are shipped without delay, also help with the growth of your tattoo business.  A good deal at an affordable price!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our website today and experience amazing products that can improve your tattooing experience. We guarantee genuine products that meet all health standards to our customers!