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Derma Guard Medi Protective Skin Film

Derma Guard Medi – A Medical Grade Skin Film available from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Derma Guard Medi - Medical Grade Skin Film

Derma Guard Medi is a protective medical grade skin film. Medical grade skin film is a specialist flexible material developed and used initially for the treatment of burn victims and those with serious graze wounds. The use of the brand Derma Guard Medi  allows the body’s natural resources to heal more effectively and prevents external contaminants and pathogens from entering the tattoo area.

With a quality medical grade film and adhesive, Derma Guard Medi seals and protects.  This minimises adding trauma resulting from accidental mechanical friction and abrasion.

By providing a waterproof barrier through the healing process, showering and washing as a part of a normal daily routine are not interrupted at all. The unique properties of the film allow it to be both breathable as well as providing an effective barrier.

Using Derma Guard Medi will also help ensure the tattoo has the best chance of staying in tact thus retaining its integrity and colour through the healing process.  This will reduce the possibility of touch ups.

Providing a protective layer to lock in the body’s natural healing fluids, Derma Guard Medi delivers a modern approach to the healing process.  In a convenient roll form, you can cut to size for economic use.

The benefits of using such a revolutionary product are well documented and recognised. It is a far better practice than winding cling film around an arm or leg, or anywhere it can fit.  The use of Derma Guard Medi adds another level of professionalism to the art of tattooing. Your customers health and the whole process should be memorable and satisfying through to the end.

Some tattoos can weep more, or less, than others depending on many different factors.  Excreting plasma and ‘weeping’ is a completely normal reaction to a tattoo healing process.  Excessive weeping may negatively affect the adhesion of a Derma Guard Medi bandage. Should this occur, the dressing may simply need to be removed, the tattoo area carefully cleaned, and a new dressing applied.

Tips for applying Derma Guard Medi protective skin film.

  1. Cut enough film off the roll to ensure a minimum margin of 25mm.  This acts as a buffer around the tattoo for the dressing to adhere to. This will also play a large role in securing the dressing and preventing fluids from building up too much and consequently leaking.
  2. Peel off the protective layer (non printed paper) to expose the surface that has the medical grade adhesive. This side is applied to the area to be covered.
  3. Gently apply the dressing and firm into position with gentle pressure.
  4. Remove the protective (printed) layer and reaffirm adhesion is complete.

Tips for cleaning and reapplication of Derma Guard Medi protective skin film.

  1. When reapplying a new Derma Guard Medi dressing, the preferred method for removal of the old dressing is to find an edge and gently apply constant pressure to lift and pull the dressing back over itself in the direction of hair growth. Pulling directly upward can be painful and is not recommended.In some rare cases, certain people will ‘stick’ to the dressing more than others.  In these instances, try removing the dressing with the assistance of a warm gentle low volume shower.  Applying a damp warm cloth over the dressing is also recommended. The warmth can help loosen the adhesive and ease the removal process resulting in less trauma.  Once lifted, take one corner and putting tension across the whole dressing can also help release before lifting.
  2. DO NOT use a wash cloth, loofa, sponge or similar to clean a tattoo area once the dressing has been removed. These cleaning materials can harbour harmful bacteria. In addition there is no need to aggravate the tattoo area with aggressive wiping actions.
  3. NEVER directly blast a healing tattoo with a high pressure shower jet. Gentle is best. Once the tattoo area is thoroughly washed, gently pat dry with a sterile wipe or paper towel. Do not rub, as this will cause unwarranted aggravation. To allow excess moisture to evaporate leave uncovered for 15 – 20 minutes.
  4. Before reapplying a new Derma Guard Medi dressing consider applying an extremely thin layer of an aftercare ointment or lotion as an option.

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