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SPIRIT Transfer Paper

Create Fantastic Tattoos with Spirit Transfer Paper

Are you a professional tattoo artist searching for transfer paper with consistent fantastic quality? Maybe you are looking for genuine Spirit products but tired of buying fake under performing product?

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies stock a wide range of Spirit products, including Freehand and Classic Thermal Transfer papers. Spirit endorse Holdfast Tattoo Supplies as an authorized distributor, so we can absolutely guarantee that you’ll receive the genuine Spirit brand. Our reputation relies on offering genuine quality products.

Spirit Transfer Papers

Spirit transfer paper is widely used in the tattoo industry to transfer designs to the skin accurately with ease. The Spirit brand is an unrivaled industry leader that has been instrumental in creating high-quality tattooing products for decades. Spirit offer two different types of transfer papers classic thermal transfer paper and classic freehand transfer paper.

Both styles are available from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies in packs of A4 sheets. A pack of 100 pages is fantastic value, costing between $64-66 GST Inclusive. All transfer papers manufactured by Spirit are certified Vegan and cruelty-free.

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies directly import Spirit products from the USA, where the company has been making high-quality products since 1948. The company has unrivaled exacting standards, performing quality control tests every time they manufacture. This guarantees absolute consistency ensuring you as an artist can achieve optimum results.

Spirit Classic ThermalSpirit Transfer Paper - Classic Thermal

Spirit Classic Thermal Paper is compatible with all thermal printers. Just print out the design of your choice. This paper produces consistently high-quality images that can be easily and safely transferred to the skin that will stay in place throughout the tattoo process.

To compliment Spirit transfer papers Artists should ideally use Spirit Transfer Cream to get the best results. Holdfast Tattoo Supplies stock and recommend Spirit Transfer Cream in both 4 and 8 oz bottles.

Spirit Classic Freehand

Spirit Classic Freehand Transfer Paper allows professional artists to have a high degree of control while creatingSpirit Transfer Paper - Classic Freehand hand-drawn images. Choose freehand transfer paper if you like working by hand to create your one of a kind designs.

Alternatively, trace over an image your client has provided, to bring their ideas to life. You won’t need any other tools or printers to create a high-quality stencil, which will produce fantastic results while tattooing. Spirit Classic Freehand is a no fuss solution offering a low-tech solution for a high quality design transfer.

Spirit uses a high-quality purple dye that stays visible on the skin. The freehand transfer paper is responsive to pressure allowing artists to create highly detailed stencils for satisfying and rewarding results every time.

Arts and Crafts

Spirit Transfer Paper can also be used to create arts and craft projects, such as wooden wall plaques and ceramic pottery decorations. You can use the transfer paper to create an image that can then be transferred to surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramic, or plastic.

Use Spirit Classic Freehand transfer paper if you want to create your own unique image to transfer to a wooden wall plaque or another surface. This will give you the freedom to reproduce a hand-drawn image again and again, without having to redraw it each time.

If you have an image that you have found on the internet or in a craft book, you can use Spirit Classic thermal transfer paper. Just print the image on to the transfer paper. Then use this as a stencil to transfer onto the surface of your choice.

Whether you’re a professional tattoo artist or an arts and crafts enthusiast, Spirit Classic Transfer Paper and Spirit Classic Freehand Paper are quality high performing products that will ensure consistent accurate results every time.

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