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Eco Friendly Disposable Bed Covers

Eco Friendly Disposable Bed Covers

These amazing Eco Friendly Disposable bed covers are 100% plant-based and 100% plastic-free.

Presenting a full bed, eco friendly disposable bed cover that measures 760mm x 2050mm and designed to cover the average tattoo bed. For convenience, they come in a handy pack of 10 covers.

We should all be proactive and encouraged to use eco friendly biodegradable products where ever possible. Say goodbye to cling film and smile knowing you have made a difference. These environmentally friendly covers are very versatile and have been designed to replace the need for cling film. The covers are infinitely more comfortable for your client. The finished material is more pleasant to lay on compared to sweaty single-use plastics. An added benefit is the more efficient bed set up and break down. We all know that ‘time is money.’ Don’t underestimate the look and presentation the bed cover will convey to your client. The fact that you choose to use an eco friendly product over plastic will surely be appreciated by your clients.

Oh so user friendly

The covers have a natural very light static which will help cling to the bed surface. To enhance the natural static qualities of this material, it is recommended to lightly spray the area with water or even better, a sanitising product before applying the cover.  This simple task will help reduce, or even eliminate the need for additional products such as tape to hold it in place securely.

They really are Green

These Eco Friendly Disposable Bed covers feature a light green tint and their environmental certifications are printed on the material making it easy to distinguish from regular plastic products.Eco Friendly Bed Cover from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

  • No Chemicals used
  • Keep fossil-fuels in the ground
  • Plant-based– materials straight from nature and are certified as compostable
  • Sustainable– produced from annually renewable resources
  • As nature intended – no genetically modified contents are used to make our materials
  • Plastic-free packaging– all packaging is plant-based and certified compostable

The materials used come from nature and are designed to return to the Earth with no release of polluting substances. This deliberately creates a true closed-loop. The process of making these materials is truly inspired by nature.

Responsible end of use options

End-of-life options can certainly be very confusing. Its a fact that these eco friendly disposable bed covers from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies are always the better option than traditional plastics.

Starting with an eco friendly product does it matter where they end up after use? Using Eco Friendly Disposable Bed Covers gives a huge environmental advantage from the outset. It is vitally important to help keep fossil fuels in the ground. By using eco friendly biodegradable disposable bed covers, we can all contribute just by making a small change for the better. As a matter of fact, our bed covers are made from plants not oil.

The biggest problem with disposable products is the safe disposal. More eco-conscious methods of managing waste generated by tattooing need to be explored as the use and trend increases. It goes without saying that all contaminated waste must be disposed of safely and ethically according to health and safety regulations.

Naturally of course, knowing this we encourage all users at all times to be compliant with regulations and all safety aspects when disposing of single use products.


Environmental Certifications. Lets tick the boxesEco Friendly Full Bed Cover from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

  • EN13432 (Europe)
  • ASTM6400 (USA)
  • AS4736 (Australia)
  • Green PLA (Japan)
  • Compostable CIC
  • OK biodegradable SOIL
  • OK biodegradable MARINE
  • eLabel certification for environmental performance

Make a difference today

 The tattoo industry is a huge user of single use, disposable products in every day operation. Ease of use, commercial reality and convenience have driven these changes. Let there be a change to a multi-level, value driven and eco friendly mindset. Let’s present and promote a more eco friendly mind set to artists and clients alike. Be enlightened and change for the better health of the planet and environment by embracing the latest ‘green eco conscious’ manufacturing technology. Be determined to contribute by making an informed change for a better result.

Holdfast Tattoo Supplies genuinely encourages you to stock these environmentally friendly comfortable disposable bed covers for all the reasons and benefits you should.




Ink Caps

The Highest Quality Tattoo Supplies In The Greater Pacific

Hold Fast Tattoo Supplies Ink CapsInk Caps

Our clear wide base ink caps are the very best design on the market today. Available in 4 sizes, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies ink caps are a fast selling consumable.  Constructed with a  wide base means they will remain stable, safe and immovable. Ink caps are an underrated component to the quality tattoo artist package but are undeniably very important. The right ink cap will ensure that your ink will never spill.

The Mission

No tattoo artist can perform efficiently without a range of high-quality tools and supplies at their disposal. At Holdfast Tattoo Supplies, we aim to streamline the tattoo supply process by making the best products available up front with a seamless ordering process and for a fair  price.

Never before has there been an efficient way for artists to get anything and everything tattoo related from a one-stop shop that’s easy to navigate and quick to deliver. You will know from the outset if the product is in stock. From stock to store, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies will keep you informed and take care of your order throughout the entire process.

The Stock

Our carefully selected stock is available for direct delivery to tattoo artists in Australia and the Greater Pacific region. When it comes to quality, consistency and efficiency you can rely on Holdfast Tattoo Supplies. We want to help you elevate your work and your potential by giving you the best of the very best.

The Guarantee

From preparation, to application, to aftercare, Holdfast Tattoo Supplies will provide the best in quality and efficiency. Easy online ordering, fast efficient order processing and communication will give you comfort that your next order is on its way.

Our supplies are chosen to enhance your artistry and boost your skill. Artists with the right tools and resources are the most successful in their field, and that’s exactly where we want you to be. Browse our huge selection of quality supplies and tools today, and take your tattoo business to the next level with Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.

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Bluey and Pinky Disposable Protector Pads

Cost effective Bluey and Pinky Protector Pads from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies

Bluey and Pinky disposable protector pads are highly absorbent, hygienic and waterproof.  Designed to protect surfaces, especially treatment tables, from liquid contamination.  This adds a quality visual layer of security to maintain a secure clean environment and comfort. Both colours are constructed from high quality material and are 5 ply construction.

The moisture proof backing ensures any spillage is contained and easily controlled. The soft cover of padded fabric is designed to be silent and minimise movement when in use thus offering total comfort while maintaining sheet strength.

Bluey and Pinky disposable protector pads from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies are sold in packs of 50 sheets each measuring 45cm x 60cm. They are folded for hygiene and easy bench storage and are a cost effective professional solution to demonstrate care and consideration to your client.  Bluey and Pinky protector pads also make excellent baby change mats.

For more quality products go to https://holdfasttattoosupplies.com.au/