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Spades Needle Cartridges

The New Gold Standard

From the world famous Dynamic Color brand, we are proud to stock Spades Needle Cartridges. Spades premium-grade cartridge needles are as Good as Gold!

Engineered Perfection

The secret is the absolute quality of the needles meeting professional tattooists’ standards! Thanks to the different sizes of liners there are no limits to the artist’s individual creative freedom. Spades Needle cartridges are solid and nice they’re smooth to work with. Attention to detail has been paramount with the manufacturing process. Attention to design and manufacturing detail and delivers a precise cartridge for unsurpassed results. Switch to the Spades ultimate premium range of ready t0 use disposable needle cartridges.

The design and manufacturing process

  • Extensive research and developmentSpades Needle Cartridges by Dynamic from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies
  • Robotic Laser-Guided Manufacturing
  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Medical Grade Plastic Components
  • Internal Membrane for Reducing Ink Spit Back
  • Compatible with all Cartridge Grips and Machines

Ease of use

Filling in the colours is as easy as applying it with these top-class needles. Either by dipping the running machine into a small pot of colour or by filling colour into the upper opening of the cartridge the choice is yours.  Spades needle cartridges use high quality medical grade 12 gauge needles with an extra extra long taper which acts the same as a 10 gauge regular taper.

Hygiene is paramount

Be super efficient in your work. It goes without saying that the single-use material can be quickly changed and allows for perfect, uncomplicated, and hygienic work!

Presentation is Paramount

Spades Premium Needle Cartridges by Dynamic Color are absolute show stoppers. From the beautifully designed packaging to the classy colour of the needle cartridges you will love using them and to have them displayed at your work station. Your clients will certainly be impressed. Absolute class from Dynamic Color.

Make the change today

We all know and love Dynamic Color for their focus on consistent quality across their entire tattoo ink and associated range of products. Founded in 1990, their longevity as quality suppliers to the tattoo industry is well documented.

Considerable research and development has been dedicated to the introduction of the new Spades Needle Cartridge range. This aligns with all that Dynamic Color offer to dedicated artists wanting the best results for their customers. Order your Spades Needle Cartridges today from Holdfast Tattoo Supplies.